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Food For Thought

May 31, 2018

Kitchen Cabinet: Your front line for the latest political and policy

By National Restaurant Association Staff

Welcome to Kitchen Cabinet, a grassroots movement to unify all those committed to growing and preserving opportunity in the restaurant industry and strengthening the communities where we live and work. Election Day is just months away and the stakes have never been higher for the restaurant industry. Heated rhetoric on the campaign...

April 1, 2016

How will tax changes provide more certainty for restaurants?

By Kitchen Cabinet

Recently, Congress and the President actually agreed on something: A series of tax changes that give restaurateurs a lot more certainty as they make business decisions. Legislation signed into law at the end of 2015 makes important NRA-supported tax credits and deductions permanent or extends them for longer periods. The changes provide...

April 4, 2016

Women lead the way in America’s restaurants

By National Restaurant Association Staff

Today, in every aspect of society — from government, to business, to the arts, and beyond — we find innumerable examples of women leadership and benefit from the many significant contributions they have made. While it might not be the first place one would think to look, there is one...